Apricots in Farmington Expects to Reopen in January: Owner

The owner of Apricots in Farmington said they plan to reopen the restaurant in January

Apricot's owner, Ann Howard, said her husband, who is listed as the president of apricots on the Secretary of the State’s website, has been sick and said the restaurant is currently closed for renovations only. 

At least one employee reached out to NBC Connecticut and said they had not been paid. Howard said that issue has been fixed.

Patrons were surprised to learn the restaurant appeared closed last week, their website states they are open seven days a week.

According to Farmington tax records, the restaurant owes $28,569 in back taxes for sewer, real estate and business personal property for the time between July 2016 and July 2017

Liens were placed on the restaurant, according to Farmington town officials who tell NBC Connecticut they are unclear restaurant's status.

Customers and employees have contacted NBC Connecticut with questions as to what's really going on.

Howard explained over the phone Thursday morning that the taxes will be getting paid. She also said that all employees have been paid.

"After 25 years in business, it was time to regroup, rethink and refresh. We will not destroy its legacy as a train station. However, it is going to be totally different," Howard said about rebranding the restaurant over the phone.

According to the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP), Apricots' liquor permit is still in place.

Howard had no comment when we asked about gift cards and scheduled bridal showers, but DCP spokeswoman said Lora Rae Anderson customers should contact the restaurant.

"If a business has closed, and consumers have gift cards or event contracts with them, the first step is to contact the business for a gift card refund, or for any compensation agreed to in the terms of their contract. If consumers feel their contract has not been adhered to, they should feel free to file a complaint with us by emailing dcp.complaints@ct.gov. You can always call (860) 713-6300 with questions," Anderson said. 

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