Archbishop of Hartford Heads to D.C. for Pope's Visit

The archbishop of Hartford is joining hundreds of Connecticut residents in Washington, D.C., as Pope Francis visits the nation's capital.

Archbishop Leonard P. Blair is one of many bishops around the country who will meet with the pontiff at St. Matthews Cathedral on Wednesday.

"I’m very pleased that the Holy Father seems to be so very well received by the people," he said before boarding a plane at Bradley International Airport.

Blair plans to keep a travel log on the archdiocese website, allowing residents who could not make the trip to following along in real time. People can also send in prayer requests.

"I think a lot of our Catholic people they experience church with their own neighbors on Sunday, but when they have a chance to be together for a big and joyful thing that reminds them of the universality of the church, I think that they always come away with it very encouraged and uplifted," Blair said.

Students at Enfield Montessori School, along with Catholics across the country, are excited about the pope's engagement with Americans.

"It’s so exciting because he’s going to... make things better in the world," said student Abbie Ellis.

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