Arrest Warrant Details Moments Leading Up to Deadly Assault in Killingly

Alexander Neidhart said to police, "It was a justifiable homicide... I was going to call you guys... I'm sorry about this, I had to do something," the warrant states.

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A newly-released arrest warrant details the moments leading up to a deadly assault that happened in Killingly on Tuesday.

Police said 43-year-old Alexander Neidhart IV, of Killingly, was arrested in connection to the incident and he's facing a charge for first-degree assault.

On Tuesday night, a man came to the Connecticut State Police Troop D barracks to report that he hadn't heard from his friend, the victim, who was believed to be at a relative's house or at a nearby cemetery, the warrant states.

Police said the victim, who has Parkinson's Disease, missed two doses of their medication by not returning home in time.

After finding the victim's truck unoccupied in a commuter lot off Interstate 395 in Dayville, troopers pinged their cell phone to be about three miles from a cell tower on Bailey Hill Road, according to the warrant.

The warrant says a witness told police that the victim was supposed to meet up with Neidhart, who lived at Whetstone Mills, which is around the area where the phone pinged.

When state police got to Neidhart's house, they found him at his apartment. He told officials that he hoped they'd find him, according to the warrant.

One of the responding officers asked Neidhart if the victim would be inside, to which he replied "Yes". The officer then asked if he'd hurt him, and he again agreed, saying "He threatened me" and "He raped little children," the warrant states.

Neidhart was then asked if the victim was alive or dead and he said "He's under the garbage." This is when police entered the apartment and found a cut section of carpet on top of a pile of debris with a large amount of a blood-like substance covering it, according to the report.

The warrant says that responding officers also found what was determined to be the body wrapped in a sheet underneath multiple garbage bags. Neichart said to police, "It was a justifiable homicide... I was going to call you guys... I'm sorry about this, I had to do something."

The report also states that Neidhart made comments that if he had stuck to watching YouTube videos instead of Facebook, that none of this would have happened.

A witness statement in the warrant relayed that Neidhart was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and paranoia.

"I do not know what kind of demons Alex had. Alex was always checking himself in and out of Day Kimball Hospital. The doctors were always changing his medications and could never get it right. Sometimes he seemed okay, but then would stop taking them, he thought the meds affected his creativity. Sometimes Alex was at the hospital for a few days at a time, sometimes he was there for a few weeks," Neidhart's brother said in a police statement.

The warrant says that Neidhart often referred to the victim as "evil."

Neidhart was arrested and told police we wished to speak to an attorney. He was held on a $500,000 bond and was arraigned Wednesday.

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