Attorney General George Jepsen Endorses Ned Lamont For Governor

Attorney General George Jepsen provided a serious boost to Ned Lamont’s campaign for governor by endorsing him on Monday.

Jepsen, who’s been close with Lamont for decades and even worked on Lamont’s previous campaigns, provides the biggest single endorsement in the crowded race for the Democratic nomination for governor.

“He is a man of utmost integrity and he’s never been afraid to stand up and do the right thing for the right reason,” Jepsen said of Lamont. “He’s got guts.”

Jepsen is about as soft-spoken as one could imagine, especially for someone who runs the attorney general’s office. He doesn’t hold many press conferences, and his often does not send out many communications regarding what cases the office is working on. He’s always made it a point to have his words and action carry the most weight by being selective in just about every instance. Those are the reasons his endorsement of Lamont, weeks before the state Democratic Party will vote on a party-endorsed nominee, the announcement is so significant.

“I’m always happy to stand by my good friend,” Lamont said. Lamont is making his third attempt at statewide office, and second attempt at governor. He failed in his bid to win the Democratic nomination in 2010 to now-Governor Dannel Malloy.

Lamont is always quick to point out, “I tried to beat the guy,” in his effort to defeat Malloy back in 2010.

Jepsen says in the crowded field for governor, Lamont is the only one who could hold the seat for Democrats.

“I think he’s the strongest candidate in November," Jepsen said. 

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