Attorney Says Fotis Dulos Deliberately Defaulted on Mortgage and Questions Expenses

An attorney involved in Fotis Dulos' fight for custody of his five children is questioning his default on his mortgage and his expenses.

“Now the latest excuse is I believe it was a gift,” attorney Richard Weinstein said.

It's been called by Fotis Dulos in court documents a gift, money given to him by his late father in law but Hilliard Farber's attorney Richard Weinstein says tax records tell a different story.

"Hilliard Farber was dead or died, passed away the first week I believe or the second week of January of 2017, long dead by the time Mr. Dulos made the decision to convert a loan into a gift,” Weinstein said.

In his ongoing fight for the five Dulos children, Weinstein says he wants to know why Dulos reimbursed himself hundreds of thousands of dollars for business expenses including travel to Miami, Vail and Greece all while claiming he could not make mortgage payments on his Farmington property, a property financially backed by his father in law's estate.

"I believed and now have verification from a third-party who testified, his own real estate agent, that Dulos deliberately defaulted on that mortgage in October 2018 even though he should've paid.” Weinstein said.

Weinstein goes on to say that Dulos knew Hilliard Farber's estate would be obligated to make the mortgage payments because the it had provided the bank almost $3 million in cash and securities.

"In fact, he thought according to the real estate agent, that the Hilliard Farber estate would be unable to foreclose on the property, so in effect Mr. Dulos would be getting a multi-million dollar house he's listed for over $4 million without any mortgage."

In court documents filed Monday, Dulos' attorney says searching through Dulos' business expenses at his home office inside the Farmington house would be a "burdensome and invasive remedy" and that he "has accounted for each and every business expense questioned by the plaintiff's counsel."

Dulos’ civil attorney was not available for an interview Wednesday. There is still a gag order regarding the criminal case and Weinstein says he would do nothing to deliberately violate that even though he is not technically governed by it.

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