Attorney Takes Steps to Sue State in Sandy Hook Shooting

A New Haven attorney representing a 6-year-old Sandy Hook Elementary student who survived the shooting, is taking the first step towards suing the State of Connecticut.

Irving Pinsky filed a $100 million claim with the state's claims commissioner. That is the first step that has to happen before he can get approval to sue the state.

"She lost a lot of friends that were killed and she really suffered through the horrors of listening to this," Pinsky said.

He hopes to have a chance to review the evidence in the case. Pinsky believes there are things that could have been done to stop it.

"The state could have, there's a whole lot of architectual designs they can use in schools to make it much harder to happen," he said.

In the notice of claim Pinsky wrote: "The State Board of Education, Connecticut Department of Education and State Commissioner of Education failed to take steps to protect said minor child from foreseeable harm in ways including, but not limited to, failure to provide a safe school setting at Sandy Hook Elementary School..."

Pinksy is not releasing the name of his client.

The claims commission still has to review the case before any decision is made on whether Pinsky can sue the state.


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