Michelle Troconis

Attorney Wants Court to Remove Bond Conditions on Michelle Troconis

Jon Schoenhorn, attorney for Michelle Troconis, is asking the court to remove certain bond conditions imposed on his client, including GPS monitoring and house arrest.

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The attorney for Michelle Troconis is calling for the removal of some of the non-financial bond restrictions on his client.

In a memo filed in Stamford Superior Court ahead of a hearing scheduled for August 28, Attorney Jon Schoenhorn argues that the GPS monitoring and 24-hour house arrest imposed on Troconis as part of her bond conditions are excessively restrictive, violate her constitutional rights, and that they were imposed based on inaccurate evidence presented to the court.

They were conditions placed on Troconis after being charged with conspiracy to commit murder and tampering with evidence in connection to the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos last year. She posted a total of $2.1 million bond in the case.

Schoenhorn is calling for the removal of the ankle bracelet GPS monitoring, to end his client's participation in the Intensive Probation Program, house arrest and curfew requirements. He is also asking the court to lift travel restrictions within the US and the requirement that his client report to a probation officer or CSSD official while on pretrial release.

Currently, Troconis is not allowed to leave her apartment except for meetings with her attorney, religious services, medical appointments, and court.

Schoenhorn says he struggled to get a hearing on the matter in Superior Court due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and that also adds to an undue burden on Troconis. He previously filed a motion to have the bond conditions altered with the Connecticut Appellate Court.

He says Troconis is not a flight risk and that she has close ties to the Hartford area. She has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

He also argues that his client was arraigned in the wrong courthouse in the wrong judicial district, and therefore the conditions of release were determined improperly.

Schoenhorn claims evidence against Troconis doesn't support the bond conditions. He argues state police falsely stated the number of stops Troconis made along Albany Avenue in Hartford with Fotis Dulos in the arrest warrant alleging the pair discarded evidence in trash cans there. He also argues that video evidence shows that Troconis never assisted Fotis Dulos with the removal of anything from the vehicle during the time in question.

Schoenhorn also questions an assertion by the state that DNA found on the garbage bags recovered in Hartford matched Troconis, saying the DNA report was not definitive

Fotis Dulos was charged with Jennifer Dulos' murder. He died in January days after police interrupted his suicide attempt at his Farmington home.

The motion also claims state lab DNA results don't support the state's allegations that Troconis' DNA was on the trash bags discarded along Albany Avenue.

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