August Wolf to Petition His Way to GOP Primary

GOP U.S. Senate hopeful August Wolf said Wednesday he's going to work to collect the necessary number of signatures to make his way on to an August 9 primary ballot.

Wolf lost to State Representative Dan Carter Monday night during the Connecticut GOP's nominating convention for U.S. Senate.

Carter walked away with more than 70 percent of all delegates, while Wolf failed to amass the necessary 15 percent in order to automatically qualify for a primary.

Wolf alleges inside baseball led to Carter's nomination.

“We found out the whole situation two nights ago was rigged" Wolf said. "A rigged game. We heard Donald Trump talk about this and he was right and I found out two nights ago.”

Wolf only said that he knew of a meeting between a representative of Carter's and Jack Orchulli, who finished a distant third in the voting.

Orchulli threw his support to Carter when it was clear he didn't have a legitimate chance at winning, which is why Wolf alleges the convention was an "inside job."

“They shouldn’t have actually had it actually at the convention center, they should have had it, the whole thing at a train station, because the whole process was a railroad job.”

Carter denies there was any deal in place before the convention. Carter said he won the vote consistent with party rules.

“I’m very happy to have been chosen by the delegates" Carter said. "You know we’ve had these same rules in place for a couple of years.”

Even with Wolf challenging him in a possible primary, Carter said the move doesn't change the message of his campaign.

“I think very clearly my goal is to keep going after Dick Blumenthal because at the end of the day that is the only thing that matters in this race.

Wolf said he thinks he can attain the number of signatures needed to secure ballot access. He added that money will be a key factor, but said that won't be an issue for him, the investment adviser and former U.S. Olympian.

“We have some firepower still in the bank. We’re not out of money. And we’re raising money. I had a meeting with a very senior CEO this morning from a very prominent CEO here in Connecticut so this train is moving.”

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