Ax Goes Through Windshield in Massachusetts

Passengers in a car traveling through Topsfield, Massachusetts, on Wednesday morning had a frightening ordeal when an ax became lodged in their windshield.

They were driving on Route 95 southbound around 11 a.m. when the ax flew off the landscaper's dump truck in front of them and hit their windshield, Massachusetts State Police said in on Facebook

The ax went halfway through the windshield and became lodged there.

Although the person in the passenger seat was shaken up, she was not injured.

Had the driver of the car been speeding, the outcome could have been much worse, police said.

The driver of the truck was cited for a failure to secure cargo.

Police are using the scary incident to warn contractors, or any drivers, to properly secure items they are transporting, including tools, building materials, bicycles, canoes, luggage, furniture and beach chairs.

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