Baba Booey: Civic Leader?

You may not know him by his real name, but you may know Gary Dell'Abate by his day job, and his morning moniker.

Dell'Abate is better known as "Baba Booey", Howard Stern's radio sidekick. He's been a part of Stern's on-air antics for more than two decades, but now he wants a new role.

Members of the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting approved Dell'Abate to become part of the town's Board of Parks and Recreation, according to the Greenwich Time. Before the vote, Dell'Abate, 49, did have to explain his life on the radio with Stern.

"I play a character to some degree, but I don't bring that home with me," Dell'Abate said at the meeting, according to the paper. The radio personality has been a town resident for 16 years, has two children in the Greenwich school system, and has been a youth football and baseball coach in Greenwich for nine years, the paper reported.

The endorsement wasn't without some opposition. "I went online and heard that Howard Stern is a shock jock and tried to figure out what that means, RTM member Coline Jenkins said. "I wasn't so happy. It said on his show he was throwing bologna slices at a naked woman. Did that really happen? Is that a form of recreation?"

Others sided with Dell'Abate. "I don't think Mr. Dell'Abate's professional thing that he does should interfere with our vote," committee member Tom Conelias said, according to the Greenwich Time.

The full RTM must still vote on Dell'Abate's appointment to the board.

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