Baby Found Dead Outside Apartment Building: NYPD

A baby was found dead outside a Bronx apartment building, and authorities say they are investigating whether she was thrown out the window. 

The newborn girl was found with her umbilical cord still attached in the rear concrete courtyard of a building on 183rd Street in University Heights just after 2:30 p.m. Monday, according to police. 

The FDNY said the baby was dead when emergency responders arrived. 

Investigators are checking to see if the building's security cameras captured what happened to the baby before she was found; detectives were speaking to two people at the scene, police said. No arrests have been made. 

A secretary for the building's landlord, P.R.V. Realty Corp., said police were investigating and declined further comment. She said 50 people live in the building.

Neighbors said the baby's parents -- who also have a young son together -- are friendly. The father in particular, they said, is a "very good dad."

"He's always playing with the kids," said Tiffany Martinez. "My son's autistic, he's always asking about him." 

Another neighbor said "he helped raise my son." 

Neighbor Jennifer Santos said "it's just very devastating."

The medical examiner's office will determine a cause of death.

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