Baby Wipes Piling Up at Killingly Sewage Treatment Plant

The sewage treatment plant in Killingly has seen better days in its forty years of operation. Every day someone there has to deal with disposable wipes.

Gerry Cinq Mars, chairman of the Killingly Water Pollution Control Authority, said, "They do not disintegrate in the process we have at the present time."

Instead of dissolving in the waters of the sewage plant they congeal into big spheres of debris.

"We literally have to remove it, in some cases, by crane because it gets too heavy," he said. It's a problem for sewage treatment plants in towns both large and small.

Now, he said, the plant's going to be rebuilt but without a solution to the mounds of muck.

On the back of a baby wipes packet it does read: "Do not flush."

 "Throw them in the trash, so on and so forth. They go to the dump-- well, fine that can be buried," said Cinq Mars.


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