Back-to-Back Break-ins Plague Watertown VFW

Back-to-back break-ins at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5157 in Watertown are more than just crime scenes for Commander Norman Cote, they are personal blows.

"Violated really violated," Norman Cote said.

Cote says thieves not only broke into the post last Monday taking a ticket machine worth $15,000 but came back the following day taking a box with hundreds of dollars in record time.

"I never thought we would have this problem that we have to worry about people breaking in and stealing money from us," Cote said.

"It makes me feel terrible," Frank Trosky said.

Quartermaster Frank Trosky says the criminals were brazen.

"We had the door repaired and unfortunately after we have the door repaired somebody came back the second night and broke and the same exact way," Trosky said.

The stolen money was meant to go toward the post’s gas money to take homeless veterans to Thanksgiving dinner. Cote now on a mission to find whose responsible.

"Shame on you shame on you, thankfully I wasn't here when because I'd probably be on the news for different reason," Cote said.

While the repairs will be costly, post leaders say they are offering a $500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

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