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Calling All Brothers to Welcome Hartford Students Back During First Week of School

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Today is the first day of school for kids in Hartford.

Some kids arriving for classes will be welcomed by members of Calling All Brothers. Pastor AJ Johnson says after a two year break because of COVID-19, the cheers, high fives and energy are returning.

"We're just asking men to show up and to let our young people know that they are protected and that we have their back as they go back to school,” Johnson said.

They will start this morning at an elementary school and then stop later in the week at several middle schools and then a high school.

Something that is new this year is Hartford Public Schools has a new policy to protect transgender and gender non-conforming students. It includes being called by their preferred pronoun, the ability to use the restroom of their choice and requires staff to be trained in gender sensitivity.

As for the safety in schools, the district will be providing active shooter training throughout the year. They also worked with the Hartford Police Department to recruit 110 school safety officers.

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