CIAC to ‘Pause' All Fall Sports Activity, Will Talk With DPH About Fall Season

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The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference decided on Friday to pause all fall sports activity, including conditioning, according to a news release.

Football activities were scheduled to begin on Monday.

The Department of Public Health sent a list of recommendations to the CIAC on Thursday, which included a recommendation to postpone the football and girls volleyball seasons until the spring.

The CIAC received the recommendations a day after deciding to move forward with a plan to start all fall sports using guidelines the organization first released at the end of July.

That decision was made after the CIAC's own Football Committee recommended postponing the season until spring.

According to the Department of Public Health, CIAC executive director Glenn Lungarini spoke with DPH staff several times at the beginning of the week but only requested formal recommendations on Wednesday, the same day the CIAC Board of Control made its decision to move forward with the fall sports season.

"Based on DPH recommendations, the board took the action to pause all in-person interscholastic fall sport activity including conditioning programs which are already underway until Monday, August 24," the release said. "Coaches are encouraged to promote virtual safe contact and conditioning with their athletes during the pause so as to not lose the conditioning gains and socialization benefits made during the summer."

The CIAC will now meet with the Department of Public Health to discuss the recommendations.

In addition to the recommendation to postpone the football and girls volleyball seasons, the DPH also recommended delaying the start of all other fall sports until at least two weeks after schools return for in-person learning.

Parents are players were left disappointed and confused just hours after the CIAC decided Friday to pause all fall sports until at least Aug. 24.

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