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Protect Your Student's Valuables by Creating Dorm Inventory List

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Whether you’ve dropped your kid off at college or boarding school or they’re still throwing things into boxes for move-in day, there’s something so simple you just need to do to protect their valuables.

Make a dorm inventory list.

It sounds tedious during the craziness of packing up and moving in, but AAA says it can save you a lot of stress in the future.

AAA of Greater Hartford Spokesperson Tracy Noble says unfortunately, dorm rooms can be hot spots for thieves so make sure you remind students to lock their doors upon their departure and then gather together this: “Take a minute as you are moving your child in or already have. Get photos of those items as you’re setting them up, as you’re loading them in... that way you have an up-to-date inventory of what your student has in their dorm room,” said Noble.

And then, in the case of a theft, you can easily report what was taken.

AAA also suggests calling your insurance agency and potentially insuring your more valuable items like TVs, gaming systems, or expensive jewelry.

Or if an item is not critical to have, Noble suggests leaving it behind at home.

And if your student is living off campus, AAA recommends looking into renters insurance too.

And while we’re at it, if your child has a car on campus, AAA urges parents to communicate ground rules before the school year begins.

Who can drive the car? Can a friend borrow it?

Noble says a lot of time, students still have their parents insurance and when they go off to college and loan it to a pal, that could become a parent's liability.

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