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UConn Lifts Quarantine of Eddy Hall

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UConn has lifted the quarantine at Eddy Hall at the campus in Storrs after a drop in COVID-19 cases over the last 10 days and no new cases in the last week.

UConn officials said the quarantine was lifted at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

There were 12 cases of COVID-19 at Eddy Hall, a standalone residence hall in the Alumni Residence Hall Complex, and the positivity rate was 6.3 percent, according to UConn.

“Through the beginning of the quarantine, the positivity rate in Eddy Hall was 6.3% with 12 confirmed cases. However, you continued to be tested and observe the precautions of the quarantine and it worked. There have been no new cases detected in Eddy Hall in the past week,” Medical director Ellyssa Eror wrote in a message to students.

College Resident Assistants have had to adjust to health monitors as part of their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Students who were released from isolation must continue to wear masks, wash their hands and keep a physical distance.

UConn Storrs currently has 53 current positive and/or suspected on-campus cases., including eight new positive cases, one of whom was already in isolation. Six of the eight are residents of Belden Hall, which is under quarantine, according to UConn. This is the only residence hall under quarantine.

There were two new off-campus campuses, one of whom was already in quarantine.

UConn said it continues to test hundreds of students on a regular day as part of ongoing surveillance efforts. UConn is also testing wastewater from several on-campus spots to assess the presence of COVID-19 virus.

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