Bakery Owner Shoots Suspect After Attempted Tip Jar Theft

A man tried to steal a tip jar from a Hartford bakery on Tuesday morning, so the owner shot him, according to police.

Jessie Torres, who owns Barranquitas Mini Bakery at 262 Franklin Avenue with her husband, said she knew something was wrong right away when a man in a hoodie came in "looking weird."

The man tried to grab the jar, which held around $100 in tips, but it was screwed down to the counter because someone stole it before.

The would-be robber then started screaming at Torres' husband.

"He just tried to pull the tip jar. ... He saw that he couldn’t take it, so he started screaming at my husband. He went after him and then whatever happened over there," Torres said. " I thought the guy was going to rob me because they’ve been robbing a lot of businesses on this street."

Torres' husband chased the man down the street. 

Then the man shot the suspect in the leg, according to police. The man who was shot is no stranger to police, who said they have previously arrested him 27 times in Hartford.

Witnesses said the person was shot on Barker Street.

Police questioned the male bakery owner, who has a valid gun permit. His name has not been released and police have not filed charges.

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