Ban on Tobacco Products at Cheshire Parks Starts Next Week

An ordinance banning tobacco products at parks in Cheshire goes into effect next week.

The Cheshire Parks Department says a new ordinance banning tobacco products from town parks aims at helping them clear up the air.

"It's toxic it's dangerous it's a health risk and we want to keep it away from kids," said Parks and Recreation Director Bob Ceccolini.

The ordinance, which passed 7-2 at a town council meeting in April, will affect all six town parks. Residents who spoke with NBC Connecticut were in favor of the move. 

"That's actually a good thing. It's not healthy for it to be around children," said Cheshire resident Kelly Plourde.

"Children should not be breathing second hand smoke outside," said resident Rich Lendino.

The ban includes cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and no e-cigarettes.

Officials said they’ll need help from the public to enforce the rules.

"People see something going on at the park they'll say something and we would think this would be the same thing," Ceccolini explained.

If users won’t comply, park visitors can call the police, and the violator face a $150 fine.

Parents say they will do what they can to ensure the rules are followed.

"I think it's a wonderful idea and if people want to smoke they can walk the 40 feet away and they smoke - they shouldn't be smoking around children anyway, it's a bad example. If they want to smoke when they get older that's their choice," Lendino said.

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