Knockout Punch Outside Bar Leaves One Man Dead, Bouncer Arrested


A brawl outside a bar in Springfield has left one man dead and another man behind bars.

Springfield police say Lucas Allen, 23, is accused of punching Francis Fasanelli, 25, of Enfield in the head outside the "Fat Cat Bar" in Springfield. Fasanelli was found knocked out and unconscious. He was transported to Baystate Medical Center for treatment where he remained in critical condition for over a week.  Fasanelli was taken off life support on Monday and died from his severe head injuries.

Police arrested Allen after reviewing surveillance video from the bar and street cameras.  Allen works at the "Fat Cat Bar" as a bouncer.  Investigators say it's unclear if he was working on the night of the assault.

Police will be seeking to upgrade the charges against Allen from assault and battery to murder.

Allen remains in prison Ludlow -- he is expected to be arraigned on murder charges on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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