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Barbershops & Salons Still Seeing Painful Cut in Business

Barbers, Salons, Still Not in Recovery from Pandemic

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Barbershops and salons have been some of the hardest hit businesses in this pandemic.

A Meriden barbershop owner said she and her colleagues have been barely surviving and could use more help.

Krystal Jones spoke with NBC Connecticut on a day when Legendz Barbershop was closed, but still had some activity.

“We’re struggling here.  I believe every business here in Meriden is struggling if they haven’t closed down," Jones said.        

She explained even when it is open and it is a good day, business still not at the level it was pre-pandemic.  Even with all the PPE, extra cleaning, and other precautions, you can only do so much to get people back in the chair.

“We have a service where we’re standing over you for 30 minutes, you’re nervous, you’re scared,” Jones said.

Without a doubt businesses like Jones' have taken it on the chin since COVID-19 struck.

According to the Kline Group, a consulting and market research company, it estimated salon service revenues went down between 20 and 35% in 2020 alone..

“Our business has been cut.  I’d say 35% is a little shy from what we’re dealing with,” Jones countered.

Jones said while her business is up and running, and maybe even through the worst of the pandemic, slogging through the past 10 months has come at a price.

“My credit score has plummeted because I’ve had to put so much debt on to the cards, I can’t even get a loan to help me out of debt because my credit isn’t well anymore.”  Jones said.

Jones added the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was not an option. She did get a small grant from the city of Meriden.

Jones told us a phrase painted on the front of her business keeps her going.

“’A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.’ It’s part of a song.  But that quote, there, it’s what we’re going through.  And hopefully we can rejoice, pull together, and come through this.”

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