Bear Sightings Reported in Westport

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Several people in Westport reported bear sightings over the Memorial Day weekend.

Police said the bear was first spotted in the area of Weathervane Hill, then by Earthplace off Woodside Lane.  Later, the bear was seen at the Westport/Weston YMCA and in the early evening there were additional sightings on Weston Road, police said. 

An Avon homeowner's surveillance camera captured three bears breaking into his SUV this week.

Westport Animal Control believes that it was the same bear at all four locations.  It wasn’t aggressive and seemed to be acting normally, police said. 

Westport police are urging residents to secure garbage in sturdy covered containers in a garage or outbuilding. 

Traffic on a roadway in Connecticut stopped as a Mama bear helped her cubs cross the street.

People who compost are asked to do so responsibly and avoid throwing meat scraps or greasy, oily, or sweet materials in your compost pile because that would attract bears and other animals. 

They urge residents to clean barbecues and grills after each use, avoid leaving pet food outside and remove bird feeders from your property for the summer. 

They also urge residents to keep your eye on pets and small children playing outside. 

If you see a bear, do not approach it. Instead, report it to Westport Animal Control at (203) 341-5076 or to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection online here.

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