Bear Visits Fire Station in Danbury

Danbury Fire Department

A bear that was hanging out behind a fire station in Danbury on Monday has been relocated and is now safely back in the wild.

Firefighters said they spotted a bear in the lot behind their fire station while doing a morning station cleaning and equipment check.

Danbury Fire Department

The bear, later named 'Dan Berry' by Mayor Mark Boughton, decided he liked his spot behind the fire station and didn't want to leave, firefighters added.

For the bear's safety, fire officials said they requested a team from EnCon police to help assist in finding 'Dan Berry' at better home.

DEEP officials estimate the bear to be approximately 15 months old, 135 pounds and in good health.

Danbury Fire Department

While the bear was sedated, DEEP officials tagged and chipped the bear and recorded his measurements, according to fire officials.

The bear was taken to another location in the state and was safely released into the wild by DEEP.

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