Bear Spotted on Porch in Watertown

A presumably hungry bear was spotted on a couple's porch in Watertown. 

A little after 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, Sam Therault called police to inform them about a bear poking around on his porch. 

Therault told NBC Connecticut that he had seen the bear a week before in his yard on Linkfield Road and that it had destroyed his gate and bird feeder. 

Despite Therault and his finace, Kelly Gillis, moving the bird feeder at night after the first encounter, the bear came back. Therault said the couple's dogs were barking and scared the large animal away. 

According to the couple, the bear climbed over the home's gate and climbed up 15 stairs to the porch. 

Just last week, two miles away from the couple's home, a black bear got into a barn and killed two of three pet goats in Watertown.

The state said a trap had been set for the bear and once caught it will be euthanized. 

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