Keeping the Beat of New Haven, With Drums

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A group in New Haven united residents over a quest for a high-speed Google network and brought friends and strangers together for a weeklong event about social media.

Now, the people of Social Web CT are planning Drum Haven, is a free event set for Thursday, Sept. 23 from 3 to 8 p.m.

That's the autumnal equinox, 100 minutes before sunset. And they are hoping to team up 100 drums, 100 dancers, 100 voices for 100 minutesin this family event.

"#SWCT and #SWForce and #GoogleHaven have permanently changed the rhythm of New Haven forever and we want to shout it out to the entire city, world and universe. So in recognition of our new found tribalism we’ve gone retro- Drumming," the site says.

So how can you participate in this retro-drumming event? 

According to socialwebweek, bring a drum, percussion instrument, audio recorder, video camera and share what you see.

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