Bed Bug Incident at Waterbury School

The staff at a Waterbury school are cleaning parts of the building after learning about a suspected bed bug incident.

The incident was reported at Waterbury Career Academy High School, according to the superintendent.

Some students said they learned about it on social media.

“Somebody took a picture of it. It went on social media and it kind of became an outrage," ninth-grader Gabriel Gonzalez told NBC Connecticut.

"School staff immediately addressed the issue and collaborated with the City Health Department and the School Facilities Division and the Bus Company consistent with established protocols. Cleaning of all potentially impacted areas has been undertaken and follow up inspections and remediation will be undertaken as necessary," the school system said in a statement.

The district's Chief Operating Officer Will Clark said schools are generally not great places for bed bugs due to the types of surfaces in them and the cleaning regimen.

Any potentially impacted areas within the school building were steamed and cleaned, school officials said.

“There’s no reason that this is any kind of an extended situation and we have no evidence that it’s anything other than an isolated situation," Clark said.

School officials said virtually all instances of bed bugs in a school environment are the result of the insect being carried in from the outside in isolated circumstances, according to the release.

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