Below Normal Cold Today

Wind chills near zero possible

Connecticut is under a wind advisory today and the governor has activated the state's severe cold weather protocol during record-breaking cold. 

It has been s a gusty morning, with winds from the northwest blowing at up to 30 miles an hour and temperatures are below normal, in the teens to 20 for the most part. Highs could reach the low-30s in parts of the state.

Wind chill is making temperatures feel like they are in the single digits and wind chills could drop to zero for a time on Tuesday morning.

Several people had car troubles in the bitter cold and AAA received more than 300 calls for assistance in Greater Hartford since midnight and more than 100 between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Some of them were from people like Aneeta Jain, of West Hartford, whose car would not start. 

"I've seen even brand new cars, brand new cars off the lot, because of the cold weather, not turn on," Pablo Lopez, of AAA Service, said.

He also recommended checking tire pressure and having an emergency kit in the vehicle.

"And people, because they have a brand new car, don't bring blankets, water, little stuff that you can keep in the trunk that makes sense," said Lopez, who always wear layers during the cold weather.

"I wear like four pair of pants, two coats, I always have extra hats, gloves and I'm pretty warm," he said.

The threshold for isolated power outages in the winter is 50 mph so, while outages are unlikely today, a handful of homes and business could be in the dark in a few towns.

Today also features a blend of clouds and sunshine.

A lot of sunshine is expected on Wednesday and Thursday and temperatures will hit the low 30s.

For the Hartford area, it's the dead of winter based on averages. The average high is 34 and the average low is 17.

The state is free of major weather disruptions until late this week. Read more on the weekend storm potential here.

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