Berlin Police Officer Back on the Job After Cancer Treatment

Berlin police officer Aimee Krzykowski had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments for breast cancer

Back behind wheel of her cruiser, Berlin police officer Aimee Krzykowski can’t stop smiling.

"I’m feeling good," she said. "I’m finally back at work after finishing my treatments. I’m about two months out of chemo and two weeks out of radiation."

Aimee received a difficult diagnosis last fall. She had breast cancer for a second time. She’s been a K9 officer with Berlin Police for ten years. She had to take a leave of absence from work for treatment. Her dogs were by her side the whole time.

"I had my first K9 partner Titan who worked with me for about nine years," Krzykowski said. "He’s now currently retired and living at home and I have my new K9, who I’ve had on the road for about a year now, Casner, who is very excited to be back at work. When I was out of work, they really took care of me."

The community also had her back. Her fellow police officers organized fundraisers and started a Facebook page for Aimee with the hashtag #KRZYSTRONG.

"I obviously had my bad days," she said. "But I woke up every day, and I chose to have a good day. Whether it was the small victories of being able to get up and make myself breakfast, or whether it was being able to get outside and take a short walk with my dogs. That pushing forward and that positive attitude it what got me through this, I think."

Aimee and Casner are settling into their routine at work. They’re patrolling the streets of Berlin together and keeping people safe.

"Everyone is thrilled to have her back," Deputy Chief of the Berlin Police Department Chris Ciuci.

"I love my job. I love working in this town that’s taken such good care of me," said Krzykowski.

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