Berlin Police Patrol Schools Where Voters Are Casting Ballots

Berlin Police are continuing their voting day practice of dispatching officers to town schools that double as polling sites today.

Berlin schools are in session on this primary day and police said they want to make sure that children are safe while people from outside the school community enter their buildings to vote.

“There’s a lot of people walking in to vote today that we don’t know who they are and they’re not parents, they’re not faculty. On a normal day, you wouldn’t let those people in. So just to be safe we elected to put officers in schools that are used as polling places. We’ve done that for years,” Deputy Chief John Klett said.

The department began the practice following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School and Klett said there was no specific threat against any schools in town, but his department wanted to make sure that they were prepared in the event something was to occur inside of a school on a voting day.

Berlin Police officers already do random patrols at every school daily.

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