Berlin Residents Fight Gun Range

Residents of Berlin do not want an indoor shooting range in their backyards, close to a community that is home to many children and a daycare center.

Residents said they are less worried about what is happening inside the facility on the Berlin Turnpike than what could happen if a firearm discharges in the lot.

"People are going to be manipulating their weapons in the parking lot, discharging them," said Alex Dulaym, whose Scarborough Fare home would be a mere 60 feet from the firing range if all goes as planned.

Dulay said the indoor facility is a cold range.

In other words, range goers would have to clear or discharge their firearms before going in. The proposal would add this in connection to an existing gun shop, BMG Guns and Ammo, on Berlin Turnpike. It currently doesn't have a gun range for people to practice.

He has prepared a DVD detailing the damage different types of guns would do and said it proves that any stray bullet fired in the parking lot of the shooting range would go right through his home and many homes around him.

“That's the biggest danger -- the parking lot," Dulay said. "Not what happens inside."

Dulay said he received a notice from the Berlin Planning and Zoning Commission about a week and a half ago that they'd be putting a gun range behind his house. He doesn't feel it was enough notice.

"I'm not opposed to guns, to people owning guns," Dulay said. "But what I am opposed to is people bringing guns into a highly populated area."

Samantha Dumin, who works at Creative Kids Daycare Center, right across the turnpike from the proposed range, said she isn't against gun ranges in general but has other thoughts on this facility.

“It might not be all that safe for the kids, especially if they're outside and they hear stuff,” Dumin said.

There will be a vote Thursday at 7 p.m. inside the council chambers at Town Hall.

The meeting is open to the public.

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