Berlin School Will Remain Closed on Monday

School officials are waiting on results

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Catherine McGee Middle School in Berlin was dismissed early the day after it was evacuated because of chemical fumes and it will remain closed on Monday as school officials wait on test results.

The first sign of odor was on Wednesday. The school was evacuated but the students were not sent home.  

On Thursday, a teacher went to the hospital when primer fumes from roof repairs got into the ventilation system. The teacher was not seriously injured and has been released, officials said. The school was evacuated and students were sent home.

Then, at 10 a.m. on Friday, students were dismissed at 10 a.m. as a precaution after complaints were made over minor irritation within the school.

Crews were trying to get the roofing work done before heavy rains come this weekend, a fire chief said on Thursday.

Parents said on Thursday that they were upset over the dismissal and learning about it by word of mouth.

Faith Kaczynski, a parent, said she received no notification.

“But when they have a school out for snow, they make sure to do the notification to everyone (at) 6 in the morning,” she said.

At some point, school officials said, there will be a walk-through for parents and a meeting will be set up to ask questions of environmental experts.  

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