Berlin Teen Dies 4 Days After Pellet Gun Shooting: Cops

Berlin residents are mourning the death of a 15-year-old who police say was shot with a pellet gun in what appears to be a tragic accident.

Police said a 17-year-old shot the victim Sunday. The 15-year-old died four days later. Authorities have not publicly identified the teens other than to say they are related.

Close friends said the victim attended Berlin High School and lived on Division Street, where the shooting took place. Neighbors have blocked off part of the street out of respect for the family's privacy.

It's not clear what led up to the shooting, but police said Friday it appears to have been an accident.

"I'm sorry for the family because it's very difficult for the parents," said Edmund Karwowski, a pastor at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, where the victim attended services and helped with summer camp. "It's hard to lose... He's a young boy, and especially a good boy."

The church plans to hold memorial services at 8 a.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. Sunday.

Police said they're investigating the case.

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