Bernie Sanders Addresses Voters in New Haven

Thousands of supporters of Bernie Sanders packed the New Haven Green on Sunday night.

The Vermont senator’s rally there was his first visit to the state. And it might be one of the biggest presidential campaign events in Connecticut so far this political season.

Police estimate about 10,000 people showed up. There were no reported issues or protestors.

On a bright Sunday afternoon, thousands of people streamed on to the New Haven Green.

“I am so elated. I’m a huge fan of Bernie,” says Michaele Grant of West Haven.

They were there for a chance to see up close a man who could be president.

“I believe Bernie is for the people and I want to see, I want to be part of history,” says Jes-Tina Torres from New Haven.

After an introduction by former REM lead singer Michael Stipe, Sanders took to the stage. He launched into many of his important issues including campaign finance reform, improving education, and reducing income inequality.

“We need an economy that works for all of us,” says Sanders.

Before his rally, NBC Connecticut spoke one-on-one with Sanders about why he stopped in the state.

“Connecticut is important. It has a lot of delegates. I want to win as many as possible,” says Sanders.

And he wants to beat Hillary Clinton, who campaigned in New Haven on Saturday.

“The differences are profound. She’s talking about income and wealth inequality. Well, that’s great. I’ve been talking about it for 25, 30 years,” says Sanders.

Sanders says he has a good chance to win Tuesday’s state primary. But he says it requires a lot of people showing up at the polls.

“Hopefully the people here come out and knock on doors and make phone calls because that’s what we really need,” says Joshua Elliot of Hamden.

Sanders offered indirect criticism of the size of the endowment of Yale University; pointing out that it totals some $25-billion and yet not that far away he says there are kids living in poverty. Just part of what he sees as a “rigged economy.”

 Sanders will also attend an event in Hartford Monday.

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