Better Watch Out! Operation Santa is Underway

Twenty-five additional State Troopers were out patrolling the highways and roadways around the greater Hartford area on Thursday night.

The increased presence was a part of Operation S.A.N.T.A., an initiative to crack down on drunk drivers.

State Police said that night has historically been one of the busiest bar and party nights before Christmas.

“People are having their Christmas parties and stuff at work now ... so it makes it even worse around these times,” Tfc. Carlos Vinhais said.

This is the ninth year for Operation S.A.N.T.A., which stands for Stop Another Needless Traffic Accident.

Troopers are looking for movements that could cause danger to others on the roads.

“People drive a little out of the norm where they're cutting in between traffic and speeding and stuff,” Tfc. Vinhais said. “Basically we'll look for any usual movements.”

Anyone arrested for drunk driving was brought to the State Police Training Academy in Meriden where the Breath Analysis Testing Unit was in place.

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