Bike Rider Says He Flipped Over Bike, Lost Ability to Taste and Smell

A Westport, Connecticut man who says he was injured while riding a bike from a New York bike-sharing service as filed a $15 million lawsuit against the company.

Ronald Corwin, 73, of Westport, Conn., says he flipped over the bike from New York City's Citi Bike after his front wheel hit a low barrier installed next to the bicycle docking station on Oct. 25.

Corwin’s attorney said his client suffers from traumatic nerve palsy that left him unable to smell or taste.

The lawsuit claims Corwin didn't see the concrete barrier because it blended with the road.

The lawyer told the Daily News the 56th Street barrier now has a coat of orange paint.

New York City's contract with Citi Bike's operator makes the operator's insurance company responsible for any lawsuits and protects the city from claims.

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