Bike Riders Cause Nuisance for Drivers in West Haven

West Haven Police are warning the public about the dangers of young bicycle riders performing stunts while cutting in and out of oncoming traffic.

The department shared a photo Monday morning on its Facebook page showing two young bike riders right in front of a car’s windshield followed by a pack of more riders.

Police are asking the parents of the children seen in the photo to speak with them. They are also invited to bring their children to the police station to see other expensive bicycles that have been confiscated.

"This is clearly not only illegal but unacceptable and dangerous behavior," the Facebook post said.

NBC Connecticut spoke to parents in West Haven who are concerned by this problem.

"Obviously, they’re not riding with sense so they shouldn’t be riding at all," resident Beverly Felix said.

"They actually try to antagonize you by going in front of your car," said Terri Borer, who added she has encountered the pack of children seen in the photo.

Borer said the boys in the photo are around the same age as her son between 13 and 15 years old.

"He has a bike, he likes to do wheelies and I talk to him all the time about this," Borer said. "I think there needs to be some kind of repercussions for these kids."

Borer said she supports police confiscating bicycles from children caught riding recklessly through the city’s streets.

"That’s what should happen because it will protect them as well," she said.

Felix pointed out there are safe places in town where the boys can ride their bikes.

"We have West Haven beach," Felix said. "Take your bike down there and ride."

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