Thea Digiammerino

Bike Theft Caught on Camera in Berlin

A brazen theft was caught on video in Berlin as a man snatched two bicycles from Cutting Edge, a bike shop on Mill Street.

According to the store’s manager, the burglary happened Sunday night.

”It’s a small town, but still there are cars going by and we’ve got police who are everywhere so you kind of wonder what people are thinking, but they don’t care,” said manager Adam Valedaserra. “They’ll just take what they want.”

The surveillance video shows a man hurl three rocks at a window. Within seconds he grabbed two bikes. He rode off on one while dragging the other.

This is the second time Cutting Edge has been burglarized within two years.

”People aren’t really afraid of the law anymore or what the laws are, and they’re willing to risk a larceny charge and possible jail time over a bike,” said Valedaserra.

He said two BMX bikes, worth about $400 each, were pulled off the rack.

“The bike community is a pretty tight community, so if he’s out there riding and he’s riding those bikes our customers who are out there are aware of it, and they have our backs.”

While the store is offering a reward, Valedaserra is hoping someone will come forward.

“The best reward would be good karma by someone turning someone in. A dollar amount doesn’t need to be attached to go ahead and do what’s right.”

If you have any information, you are asked to call Berlin police.

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