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Bill to Make Pizza Connecticut's State Food Forgotten in Session's Final Hours

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If you live in Connecticut, you probably have strong opinions about pizza. But that wasn't enough to get lawmakers to pass a bill to make the pies the state food of Connecticut.

State Rep. Patricia Dillon, who represents New Haven, and State Senator Gary Winfield, who represents New Haven and West Haven, had proposed adding pizza as the state food to chapter 33 of the general statutes, “(t)o recognize the contribution of pizza to the state's cuisine and economy.”

The House approved the bill but it did not make it to the final stack set for Senate lawmakers to approve.

"Everybody knows we've got the best pizza in the world.  I don't need the state Senate to tell me that," Gov. Ned Lamont quipped at a press conference Thursday.

Connecticut has received national recognition for its pizza time and time again, particularly for the New Haven-style pizza made famous by pizzerias in the Elm City. In April, Food & Wine ranked Connecticut second in the country for its pizza, after New Jersey, ranked first, and New York, ranked third.

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