Billboard Promises Jesus Will Return in May

Is Jesus ready to make his return?

According to a Christian group, the answer is yes, and you'll only have to wait until May.

The North Carolina-based group, We Can Know, is planning on placing billboards around the country, including in Bridgeport, proclaiming Jesus will make a comeback in the spring.

Allison Warden, one of the group's founders, said Wednesday than an analysis of Scripture, particularly the genealogies, shows Jesus is about 6 months away from his return.

"God actually provides a calendar that points to May 21, 2011, as the day for Christ to return," Warden said.

She says the billboards are meant to spur the public's interest in the Bible, and not to frighten anyone.

"Obviously we don't want anyone to take our word for any of this," she said.

The billboards have already gone up in Omaha, Nebraska and Nashville, Tennessee.

In addition to Bridgeport, they're also planned for Atlanta, Detroit, Fort Wayne, Indiana; Kansas City, Missouri; Little Rock, Arkansas; Louisville, Kentucky and St. Louis, Missouri.

Warden says those cities were chosen because she didn't think they were getting the message about Jesus' return, which is expressed on Family Radio stations, but not available in those areas.

Family Radio is based in Oakland, California and broadcasts Christian messages around the world.

There's no word on when the billboards in Bridgeport will be put up.

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