Biracial Stamford Couple's Home Vandalized With Spray Painted Slur

A Stamford couple's home was vandalized on Saturday with a racial slur. 

“I cannot believe it. At this time, someone could write this? Those times were supposed to be way back in the ‘60s and I was born in ‘61,” Charles said. “It’s 2017, and on Martin Luther King Day. And with President Obama, the first black president. It’s ridiculous for those things to keep going on,” resident Lexene Charles told the Stamford Advocate.

Charles, 56, discovered the n-word pained on his white garage door at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday. He lives at the home with his common-law wife Heather Lindsay, 59. 

"Our civil rights are being violated," Lindsay told the Stamford Advocate. 

Lindsay, who is white, has lived in the home- which once belonged to her uncle- with her black partner since 1999. 

Police said they talked to neighbors but have not found any witnesses who may have seen the spray painting happening. 

Neighbors complained about the slur on Sunday and police said they covered the door with a tarp, but the tarp was removed on Monday. 

Lindsay said this isn't the first time there has been problems with the property. She said they will be speaking to an attorney before removing the slur from the garage door. 

“We aren’t going to let it bother us, because from what we are understanding as it sinks in, as we cry, and as we talk about it, this is just saying the way we have been treated,” said Lindsay. “This is how Stamford, Conn. is treating us.”

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