Black Bear Barges Into Bloomfield Home

A black bear barged into a home in Bloomfield, surprising the homeowners when they returned home from an appointment Monday morning.

Homeowner Melissa Mcweeny said she and her daughter returned home after a doctor’s appointment around 11:30 a.m., and found a large black bear in their living room looking back at them.

"I was petrified. I didn't know what to do, I know what to do when you see a bear outside but inside your house how do you even proceed?" Mcweeny said.

She said the bear casually walked back outside and into the woods.

"I was scared because I've seen incidents where bears have gone into houses but I never thought it would happen to us,” said Mcweeny’s daughter Cailynn Danneman.

Mcweeny said thankfully the bear did not hurt anyone, including their dog who was home at the time, and that it concentrated on the pantry in the kitchen.

“He went through oats,” Mcweeny told NBC Connecticut. “He likes oats, cinnamon toast crunch, pretzels, he got into my gels that I use for running that are called honey stingers. He likes those.”

Mcweeny said the bear was able to get in through her glass sliding door, which was slightly open. She said she’ll be keeping her doors and windows locked from now on.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has been notified of the incident. The agency said that reports of bears entering homes have been steadily increasing over the years - there were 13 reports in 2017.

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