“Black Bear, Black Bear- What Do You See?”

It’s definitely not something you see everyday.

 “He’s cute with his big old ears. He climbed the tree and just stared at me,” said James Roy of Bristol.

 A black bear cub surprised the elderly Bristol community on Vance Drive Friday.

 D-E-P officers say he’s after one thing: trash! Residents say the bear has been around for several days, but on Friday one man caught the bear red-handed, sifting through his neighbor’s trash!

 “I saw him and grabbed my air horn. The noise scared him pretty bad,” said Roy.

 The bear ran right up a nearby tree and stayed there for a couple hours. He eventually got bored and climbed down. D-E-P officers tried to scare him back into the woods with the help of a rubber bullet but it didn’t work. The bear ran right back up the tree.

 “I look up and the bear is still there. Leave the bear alone, it’ll go away,” said Maryann Beliveau of Bristol.

 So they did and it worked. The bear climbed back down again and found his way back into the woods on his own. Neighbors though worry he’ll be back.

 “He’s lost and scared and hungry. Where else is he going to go?” said Beliveau.

 D-E-P officers are asking residents to pour a little bleach on top of their trash. The smell is known to keep bears away!

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