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Black Ice Causes Multiple Crashes

Black ice caused multiple crashes on roads and highways on Monday morning.

Marguerite Haughton from Lebanon was one of many drivers slipping and sliding on the roads.

“This morning was a little bit icy leaving from Lebanon, so it was a little bit slick,” Haughton said.

To other drivers, she suggests, “Leave ahead of time, do not rush and just exercise extreme caution and just expect delayed.”

One driver on route 9 southbound lost control due to conditions, spinning out and hitting another vehicle. Nobody was injured.

On Route 6 in Andover, another spinout caused a three vehicle accident that included a dump truck and resulted in minor injuries.

On an icy road in Hartford, a school bus with three students on board hit a tree. Thankfully, no injuries in that accident either.

But Timothy Phillips, who treats the roads across the street from where the accident happened, says it’s not the first time ice on this road has caused a crash.

Phillips says black ice is more dangerous and harder to detect than snow.

“Black ice is just like looks like pavement snow you can see and you can adjust, slush we melt it down. When the city melts it down it slushes. But when black ice comes, you don’t see it, nobody sees it not even me,” he said.

A few miles away near an accident on Mountain Road in West Hartford, Janet Williams says it’s not just drivers who have to be alert in these conditions.

“I’ve had to do baby steps, yeah, baby steps,” Williams said. “It’s very, very scary.”

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