Blame It On The Rain

“I’m very sick of the rain at this point and I know we need it up to a certain extent but this is extreme,” Tracy Grazieno’s third annual strawberry festival in Watertown was forced inside.

She didn’t cancel, hoping for a miracle instead she got an outright downpour all afternoon. So the crowd gobbling up the strawberry shortcake shrank from three hundred last year to no more than a few dozen.

It seems like its rained nearly every day this month and it’s starting to weigh on those anxious for a sunny sky. Summer does start on June 21st after all. “I like to run so when it's raining you can't you have to go on the treadmill and that's kind of boring,” says Ian Straus of West Hartford.

While most people opted to either moved their event inside or chose to stay out of the rain there a few people who simply had to be outside.

West Hartford mom Cecily Finkle was out at Corbin’s Corner with her infant and toddler. She says, “with two kids I got to keep them busy, can’t stay inside, they get cabin fever.”

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