Blizzard Day Turns Into ‘Brownie Tuesday' in Connecticut

Schools and roads are closed because of the storm and the day of the blizzard has been deemed “Brownie Tuesday” on social media after Gov. Dannel Malloy urged people to stay home and safe and suggested it’s a good day to make brownies.

During a news conference on Tuesday morning, the governor was addressing questions about the travel ban that has been in effect since 5 a.m. 

“The point is, if you don’t have to travel, don’t be on the road. That allows everyone to safely do their job,” Malloy said, meaning that Department of Transportation crews can get the roads cleat. Then he relayed what it was like to see a car slide off the road.

“Of course, there’s a Connecticut State Trooper assisting, but that person’s in danger because he’s assisting that situation and I doubt that that travel was necessary for that individual,” Malloy said. “Good day to make brownies, is my point, and/or read a book.”

It did not take long for “Brownie Tuesday” to catch on through social media. 

“Brownie Tuesday has been captured. We’re getting Facebook information about it on a regular basis,” Malloy said during his 1 p.m. news conference. “I have more pictures of brownies than I would ever have wanted to have, so it’s working,” Malloy said of the warning to stay home.

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