The Big Dig: No Easy Task

Freezing temperatures turned the snow and sleet from Tuesday's blizzard into chunks of ice for people trying to dig out.

Areas of Connecticut were digging out from anywhere from 1-2 feet of snow on Wednesday, and some announced school delays for Thursday when it became clear that icy conditions it would be a multi-day effort.

Temperatures struggled through the 20s on Wednesday, meaning the snow, covered with a layer of sleet or rain, had turned to ice in most places.

"It's a little rough because it's ice," Tonie Carr, of Manchester said. "I got my snowplow worked for everything else, but come out this morning and the plow trucks stacked up the ice."

Ice coated cars and clogged up driveways and sidewalks. The heavy, slushy mess made it nearly impossible for some to clear it.

David Santiago of Manchester said "It’s bad...bad for the back, bad for the chest, and if you’re overweight you’re in a heap of trouble.”

So were a lot of people who had to "buck" their snowblowers just to get them to throw the snow. Many showed up at Capitol Equipment in Manchester because the heavy snow sleet rain mix wreaked havoc with their gear.

Capitol Equipment says the biggest thing going off its shelves was the littlest thing...sheer pins. Sheer pins are designed to break, and stop your snowblower from turning when something like a log, newspaper, or heavy ice and snow get snarled in it.

Temperatures won't climb much above freezing through the weekend, so the snow and ice will be in no hurry to melt.

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