Travel Ban Lifted as of 4 P.M.

Gov. Dannel Malloy has lifted the travel ban as of 4 p.m. today on all roads, including limited-access highways.

"While we are lifting the ban on travel this afternoon at 4 p.m., I still want to urge residents to stay off the roads if at all possible," said Governor Malloy. "Crews are out clearing roadways as we speak, but the fact is we are going to feel the impact of this storm for some time. The longer we can keep traffic out of town centers and off of our highways, the more effective our recovery effort will be. "

Many drivers were stranded on Friday night and on Saturday morning in whiteout conditions, low visibility and large amounts of snow.

Malloy said it was critical for residents to stay off the roads so plows could clear streets and highways.

"This is a record-setting storm. It's going to take time to dig out of the snow. Stalled or abandoned vehicles will only slow that process," Malloy said earlier.

State police on Saturday morning called conditions "treacherous" and said even troopers have had trouble getting to drivers.

Malloy said state police have responded to more than 1,600 calls, including one fatal crash in Prospect.

Several town officials joined Malloy in telling people to stay off the streets.

Orange issued a warning that several secondary roads are impassable. 

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra said the plows had to stop working overnight on Friday and road clearing would resume around 7 a.m.

"The combination of elements made conditions extremely dangerous, if not impossible for traveling," Segarra said.

East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo also asked residents to stay off the roads and he is asking the Connecticut National Guard for help to get the roads opened and cleared.

Some snowmobilers took to the highways overnight and Vance is advising they stay off the roads, but contact emergency personnel to let them use the vehicles for emergency response instead.

Even areas where plows have gotten through are slippery and Bradley Airport completely shut down last night and there is no word on whether it will reopen later today.

When you do start up your car, be sure to clear out the exhaust pipe.

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