Bloomfield Unveils Black Lives Matter Mural

The mural painted on Town Hall property is the first of three planned for the town.

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Uniting people through artistic expression - that’s the hope in Bloomfield as the town unveiled a massive 360-degree Black Lives Matter mural Tuesday.

“We are doing something legendary, something necessary," said Bloomfield Mayor Suzette DeBeatham-Brown.

The collaborative effort involved a team of artists. Each letter was painted by a different person, portraying their own unique vision.  Those viewing it said the mural work sends a message to the community.

“I just think of inclusion and how welcoming Bloomfield is,” said Bloomfield resident Phylis Perry.

The mural is painted in the circular driveway of Town Hall. Having it displayed on the property where town regulations are conceived and controlled is something people said is important.

“There’s a lot in the symbolism for making this type of commitment in front of Town Hall,” said Duncan Harris of Windsor.

Artists involved explained that their intent was to create a lasting image, representing inclusion and power to the people. It’s an artistic creation they hope will begin positive conversation.

“I feel like it’s a good lead way to get people to come together to work on things together,” said Taris Clemons, one of the mural artists who helped outline the mural’s stencil.

Murals like this, however, have become targets. Around the country some have been vandalized, including one recently in South Windsor. Organizers in Bloomfield have a message for those who might consider such activity.

“Little do they know we will create more murals than they can deface,” said Jay Williams, president & CEO, The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. “We will lift more voices than they can drown out.”

As for the artists involved, they said if the mural is defaced, they’re ready to do it all over again.

 “You vandalize it, we’ll fix it,” said Stephen Richmond, the artist who organized the mural’s creation. “Somebody’s going to get tired eventually, but the cause is the cause and it won’t be stopped.”

Bloomfield’s mayor said she’s already received phone calls and Facebook messages in opposition of the mural and has asked the people here to protect it.

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