Blumenthal Asking for Federal Probe into Gas Prices

Connecticut’s Attorney General wants a federal, multi-state investigation into gas prices.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said Monday he will ask federal authorities to investigate a recent spike in gasoline prices, and contact other states for a multi-state investigation.

Connecticut wholesale gasoline prices have soared 54 cents a gallon since Feb. 19, while national inventories are at an eighteen year high and demand is at a seven year low, according to Blumenthal.

"Questions about the gasoline market are serious and substantial, meriting searching scrutiny and investigation," Blumenthal said. "My hope is that Connecticut can enlist other states in a nationwide review, because the problem is national in scope and impact. Most important, I will urge that the federal government join states in a comprehensive, penetrating antitrust investigation of the fuel industry as I have urged repeatedly in past years“.
The average price for a gallon regular unleaded gas in CT Monday was $2.36, according to AAA.  The national average is $2.22.  The national average a year ago was $3.70 a gallon.

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