UConn Torrington Campus to Close in May

The UConn Torrington campus will close in May after final exams. The board of trustees for UConn voted in favor of closing the campus during its meeting on Wednesday.

UConn officials asked the board to close the campus and said it is not attracting a sufficient number of students. Only one member voted no.

Over the last five years, the size of the freshman class has ranged from 53 to 62 students and total enrollment has ranged from 177 to 249 full-time and part-time students, according to the memo to the board of trustees.

Torrington mayor Elinor Carbone had met with UConn and asked the university to keep an open line of communication.

“We feel that the university has systematically reduced resources to the campus. This is a course of action that appears to be designed to set the stage for the failure of the campus since its earlier attempt 1983 to close it,” she said last month.

Residents said closing the campus would have a ripple effect on business in the northwest corner of the state and they feel more options should be explored to partner with other entities to keep it open.

However, UConn officials argued that they have tried through advertising to increase enrollment and it’s been unsuccessful.

The campus is expected to close in May after final exams.

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